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Private Ascent
Pico Mountain

Discover and climb Pico Mountain

Stratovolcano with 2351m;
Track in Lava, Loose slag and dirt with mud;
Level 1100m, slope 28%, 10Km of trail;
Time: 4h ascent + 1h rest + 3h descent;
Atmospheric conditions: High variation along the mountain and with the seasons.
Recommended equipment V.png
Mandatory equipment for the ascent:
» Wmountain climbing (high traction boots or trainers);

» Hiking clothing: light, comfortable and breathable (first layer: keep the body dry, second layer: keep the body warm and third layer protect from wind and rain)​;
» Waterproof jacket resistant to heavy rain;

» 1.5 L of water per person (mandatory minimum);

» Snacks and light snacks;

» Backpack suitable for hiking/mountaineering;
» Sunscreen and sunglasses;
» Hat or cap;

» Climbnocturnal ou Demanding atmospheric conditions: Hat, Gloves, Reinforced second layer e Waterproof pants.
Included inclimbs Up2Pico:
  • private guideexclusively by reservation;
  • Personal accident insurance andresponsibility civil;
  • Mountain fee;
  • ca sticksmine;
  • Front lighting (night climb);
Up2Pico Supply.png
RPhysical condition recommendations:

The trail has mountaineering requirements, favorable physical condition is recommended, please take into account:
- Existence of breathing problems;
- Cardiac limitations;
- Walking problems (feet, ankles, knees or hips)
- Do not dive in the 24 hours prior to the ascent.

Difficulty indicators for climbing Pico Mountain:
Day Climb


night climb


Uphill with Overnight

4pm-12pm (2 days)

Friends of the Mountain: We care for a mountain that is 100% clean of garbage, all waste produced is collected and taken for proper separation and treatment.

Request for information for ascent to Pico

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What is the intended climb?

Weather forecast at the top of the mountain (2351m)

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