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“Each step I take on Pico,

is followed by a mountain of overcoming.”

Henry Simões

A lot of emotion and fun is what you look for in adventure trips and outdoor activities, it's what we expect when it comes to climbing the highest point in Portugal, Pico Mountain with 2351m.
Accompaniment by a certified mountain guide for a mountaineering experience is undoubtedly the right decision for anyone who climbs Pico for the first time. Here are the points to consider when choosing a guide.

Safety First

Being accompanied by a trained guide to respond immediately to unforeseen events and accidents that may happen is undoubtedly the main reason for choosing a certified guide. The guide has the knowledge, responsibility, availability of equipment and knowledge of first-aid maneuvers. It also ensures all communications and protocols for quick and adequate intervention to possible emergencies that may arise. Never forgetting that in a stressful situation, the guide will always be the pillar to keep calm.


Preparation and logistics

A careful preparation to climb Pico mountain involves having an experienced guide in defining equipment, recommending hydration and nutrition, assessing the physical condition of each climber and scheduling the adventure. This is the basis for ensuring well-being and overcoming the challenge. You'll be confident even before the adventure starts.


Knowledge of the trail

Climbing Pico Mountain is done on new terrain for first-time climbers. The route is all natural climbing, rocky and loose gravel, each step the guide takes will always be in the right direction, without hesitation or doubt, without stepping on vegetation, protecting the nature of the mountain and always ensuring, even in the worst conditions of visibility, the right path is followed. Not following the trail correctly, or cutting corners on sharp curves, erodes the terrain and destroys the trail. Also, walking off course increases the chance of getting injured or lost.


Knowledge of weather forecasts

Each climb is always planned in detail with analysis of various sources of weather forecasts, however, the empirical knowledge of day-to-day on the mountain, surpasses any digital forecasting model that can be chosen. A mountain guide will always be the best barometer with you.


Increase your capabilities

A guide at your side will teach you the tricks and tips for each step, increasing your skills and confidence during the trail. It will be easier and with more wisdom that you will be able to overcome the mountain.


History, culture, geology and good company

Can you imagine what you can learn in 8 hours? With a guide by your side, Pico Mountain will not be just a bunch of lava, it will be a bunch of knowledge, tales and stories, with all the associated culture and unique geological details in the Azores.

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