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-Orientation and Progression in Mountain, Tourism and Adventure Sports

Access to AEM Mountain Technician Level I

The Mountain School Association, in partnership with São Roque do Pico City Council and Lost in Pico, is organizing training aimed at tourist guides, tourism professionals, trail marking and maintenance technicians, outdoor activity enthusiasts , and anyone interested in improving their skills in the mountains and in natural environments.

Sun Watch


Online (12h) and in-person (88h) training on Pico Island

- 5 Field Exits

Location: CRIAR TEC facilities.

Image by micheile henderson

Registration fee

Registration confirmation: €50

(Course co-financed by São Roque do Pico City Council)

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Nature in Focus

Train technicians capable of planning and organizing walking trail activities, in a natural context. Transmit technical fundamentals on planning, communication, framing, landscape interpretation, risk analysis and action in accident situations. Familiarize yourself with the mountain environment, its risks and weaknesses;



(with possibility of adjustments)


Block 01 - Pedestrianism (UFCD: 7296_25h)

Contextualization of the activity | Equipment and how to equip yourself | Food and Nutrition | Mountain Progression Techniques | Effort management | Overnight and rest;

Block 02 - Orientation (UFCD: 7289_25h)

General concepts | Cartography and Compass | Navigation and Orientation Techniques | GPS and Technological Resources | Recognition and assessment of difficulty;

Block 03 - Nature Tourism (UFCD: 10734_25 h)

Implementation of Pedestrian Routes | Legislation | Territory | Meteorology | Risk analysis and emergency plan;

Block 04 - Conducting Briefing (UFCD: 3494_25h)

Communication | Briefing techniques | Tourist entertainment and group management | Organization of tourist entertainment programs;


20 – Online (6pm-9pm);
21st to 24th – In-person (9am-5pm)



7 to 11 – In person (9am-5pm)


3 to 5 – In person (9am-5pm)

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Bruno Silva   -   Former

Graduate in Physical Education and Sport, Piaget (2011);
Trainer CCP (2015);
Professional title of Sports Coach in the area of Mountaineering (2017);
Canyoning Guide - ICA (2018);
Mountain School Technician, in the areas of Mountaineering, Canyoning and Climbing (2020);
Interpreter at Arouca Geopark (2021);
CEO and Guide of the Tourist Entertainment Company Wild It (2023);
Competition Climbing Coach at NME;
Mountaineering, climbing, canyoning and triathlon practitioners;

Pedro Casimiro   -   Guest Trainer

Degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon (2000)

Coordinator of the Faial Botanical Garden in Azorina - Society for Environmental Management and Nature Conservation SA (2012-2021)

Participation in events and seminars on conservation and biodiversity; Portuguese representative at the European Botanic Gardens Consortium; involvement in INTERREG-MAC and FP7 projects.

Training Partners

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