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Cetacean Spring

Updated: Apr 30

In spring, Pico Island in the Azores transforms into a spectacular cetacean sanctuary, offering one of the best experiences of observing these marine animals in the world. In this period of natural renewal, the surrounding waters teem with the life of magnificent cetaceans, from majestic blue whales, fin whales and humpback whales, to the resident sperm whales, highlighting the island as a privileged meeting point for these beings.


With 28 species of cetaceans referenced, observation is enriched by experienced lookouts and whale watching operators, who use powerful binoculars and boats to guarantee close encounters with these peaceful giants of the sea. Pico's unique location, especially in Lajes do Pico, allows for spectacular sightings close to the coast, with the impressive backdrop of Pico Mountain.


In addition to open-ocean observation, the experience is complemented by visits to local museums dedicated to the history of whaling and cetacean biology, such as the Whaling Museum and the Whaling Industry Museum, offering a deeper understanding of marine life and heritage. cultural island.


This experience on Pico Island is not only an encounter with the majesty of the ocean and its inhabitants, but also a reminder of the beauty and fragility of our natural world, marking spring as a season of discovery, adventure and reflection on the importance of conservation navy. 🌊🐋🌸

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